Xevi Estudi | Estudio de sonido y postproducción de audio en Barcelona

How curious!Sound studio in barcelona!

Sound studio in barcelona!

The Vila de Gràcia neighbourhood is a small oasis in the middle of the city of Barcelona. If you suddenly enter on it, you will find a small village full of narrow streets and squares full of life and art where you can fins our sound studio.

Xevi Estudi draws on this environment and atmosphere to imagine, create, carry out and be inspired by all the work we do. Walking through the streets of Gràcia helps us to squeeze the most out of each piece, as a good idea can appear on any corner of any square.

Besides, our location not only provides us with everything we need on an artistic level… Xevi Estudi is located on a short street, with no traffic, practically no houses and on a second floor.
All this means that the main character in our sound studio is, surprisingly, a sepulchral silence. In this way we get the best out of everything that is recorded here, without any interference or noise that would muddy up the sample.

Apart from all the technical facilities we have in terms of sound, large windows make Xevi Estudi one of the sound studios in Barcelona with more natural light, something that bring joy to our souls and makes us always be with the good vibes that we have used to.

What are you waiting for to come and see us?

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